Manhattan’s missing cycle links

Let’s be honest, New York City is nowhere near the most bicycle friendly city in the US, let alone compared to some cycling meccas in Europe. Yet it’s rapidly making improvements, and once bikesharing comes to the city, things will radically change. Unfortunately, facilities for cyclists are very unevenly distributed, with much of Lower Manhattan, … Continue reading

Kick 1-0 Vignelli

Apart from confusion, rats, and the smell of stale urine, perhaps the most definable element of the subway system is its map. Having gone through a multitude of changes from three separate diagrams for the IRT, BMT, and IND to the unified version we see today, there is constant debate over how best to represent … Continue reading

At capacity with room to expand

A number of reports by the MTA, Straphangers Campaign, and other organizations claim that almost every line of the subway is at maximum capacity. While this is true, the subway system has much in the way of hidden capacity, even at rush hours. Although dependent on the amount of rolling stock, population growth, and other … Continue reading