Is the subway the best in the world?

I recently posted this on NYC Transit Forums; thought it would be interesting here as well. It’s a response to the question of whether or not the New York City Subway is the best rapid transit system in the world even though it’s not exactly the prettiest or nicest to use. I’d say that the … Continue reading

Kick 1-0 Vignelli

Apart from confusion, rats, and the smell of stale urine, perhaps the most definable element of the subway system is its map. Having gone through a multitude of changes from three separate diagrams for the IRT, BMT, and IND to the unified version we see today, there is constant debate over how best to represent … Continue reading

Subway up, bus down, but why?

The following fact is making heads spin at the MTA’s headquarters: there were 1.6 billion subway and 696 million bus rides in 2010. Those numbers seem pretty high, and they are. However, a chronology of public transport ridership in New York City reveals something interesting. Compared to 2009, subway ridership is up 1.5% to the … Continue reading