Is the subway the best in the world?

I recently posted this on NYC Transit Forums; thought it would be interesting here as well. It’s a response to the question of whether or not the New York City Subway is the best rapid transit system in the world even though it’s not exactly the prettiest or nicest to use. I’d say that the … Continue reading

At capacity with room to expand

A number of reports by the MTA, Straphangers Campaign, and other organizations claim that almost every line of the subway is at maximum capacity. While this is true, the subway system has much in the way of hidden capacity, even at rush hours. Although dependent on the amount of rolling stock, population growth, and other … Continue reading

Evolution of a MetroCard

As anyone travelling from Jersey City or Hoboken to somewhere outside of Lower Manhattan knows, using PATH and then the subway can be an irritating and expensive affair. Because both are operated by different agencies, the Port Authority and the MTA, users of both for a single trip must pay two fares. Compounded by the … Continue reading

Countdown clocks and after

It’s finally happened, almost all of the IRT (apart from the 7) has received countdown clocks and they’re working pretty well, with a hiccup every once and a while. They may be up to four years late and well over-budget, but they’re certainly a welcome improvement to New York’s unfortunately outdated system technology. That brings … Continue reading